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Paladin Club Master Association Inc.: A Short History

In 1986, Richard Schlesinger, a New York developer, had a vision for the blighted buildings of Clifton Park Apartments. Paladin Club was developed. Schlesinger fell into financial difficulties, but did complete most of what is known as PCMA. PCMA consists of 26 buildings which include three- and four-story townhouses, one- and two-bedroom flats, and 60 garages. Units 1-123 all are located on Paladin Drive.


The remaining Paladin Club property, excluding PCMA, was purchased by Pettinaro Construction Co. for redevelopment. Any unit in PCMA not completed at that time was completed by Pettinaro.


More than 500 units now comprise Paladin Club Condominiums, all built on the property originally owned by William Sellers, an iron magnate whose mansion used to be by the tennis courts, and overlooked his Edgemoor Iron Works down by the river.


The Paladin Club, a condominium, is actually a group of small communities that are self-managed. All four components, PCMA and Phases VII, VIII and XI, have equal stature in Paladin Club.


PCMA is managed by a five-person Board of Directors (see below), all of whom are volunteers and resident members of the association. Along with the management company  currently Mastriana Property Management Inc., they oversee all the major policy and financial decisions of the association.


Paladin Club Master Association Inc.
Board of Directors
Pat Sierzenski

Vice President
Dave Clark

Vice President
Roseanne Zerdy

Sandy Sierzenski


Trina Gardner


Property Management:
Mastriana Property Management Inc.
(302) 234-4860
Mail monthly condo fees to:
PCMA c/o Mastriana Property Management
Pike Creek Professional Ctr.
5500 Skyline Dr., Ste. 6
Wilmington, DE  19808-1772

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