Useful Phone Numbers

Paladin Clubhouse - (302) 764-5335


New Castle County Police Non-Emergency - (302) 573-2800


New Castle County Code Enforcement - (302) 395-5555
Delaware State Environmental Complaints (call to report foul odors 24 hours a day) - (800) 662-8802
Delaware Helpline (provides information on state government agencies and referrals to community services) - (800) 464-HELP
Senior Roll Call Hotline (run by New Castle County Police, this service provides a daily telephone call to seniors; each morning you will receive a phone call and a prerecorded message will ask you if you are OK -- simply hang up the phone and the computer will note that all is well) - (800) 239-5151
ELDERInfo (Delaware State Insurance Assistance program designed to help seniors with Medicare questions and concerns) - (800) 336-9500
Community Legal Aid Society Inc. (provides legal services to low income, elderly and disabled people) - (302) 575-0660
SCAT: DART First State (senior citizen discount taxi service) - (800) 652-DART
City of Wilmington Information Services (ask questions or report complaints and suggestions) - (302) 576-CITY
New Castle County Information Services (for property questions, county complaints and more) - (302) 395-1111